Emigration Film Festival
Warsaw, 24-26 October, .2014
Orangery of Museum of King John III in Wilanów

No Borders Film Festival
In 2014 we expand the formula of EMiGRA Film Festival, which is a festival for all living abroad, who are crossing the real and symbolic boundaries. The essence of the festival are the films created by Poles living abroad and films about immigration, regardless of the nationality of their authors. An important new element of EMiGRA will be films created by immigrants living in Poland, on how – from their point of view -a foreigner’s life in Poland looks like.

Film Subjects – For the Festival EMiGRA 2014 films on the issues of emigration (within the broad meaning) may be submitted.

Documentary Film Competition for the prize of EMiGRA 2014
The competition is open to documentary films from around the world with no time limits concerning the length of the movie (video short, medium and feature) produced after January 1, 2010.

Films in competition will be judged by an international jury. The prizes in competition would be a workshop trips abroad in 2015.

Short film competition for the prize EMiGRA 2014
The competition is open to everyone who supply documentary films (animated and feature films) with a duration of up to 30 minutes produced after January 1, 2010. The prize would be a weekend stay in Poland.

Deadline for Entries – 10 October, 2014
Film Application Form – the film entry to the Festival can be made by sending a preview version along with the completed and signed entry form available from the website of the festival (

Fundacja na Rzecz Mediów Polskojęzycznych za Granicą „WZ”
10/16 St. Kostki Potockiego str.
02-958 Warsaw
via the website – (competiton folder)